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A tough loss for Bucks Women

Updated: May 30

It was a very competitive first quarter.  With most of the match happening in the middle of the pitch. Not looking after ball in contact lost us possession a number of times.

A break away try from their own 10 saw Surrey take a 7-0 lead around 7 minutes from the end of the half.

The rest of the half was evenly fought with Surrey taking their 7 point advantage into halftime.

The second half started as another cagey affair with a real battle at the breakdown. It a very stop start affair with far too many high tackles.

Some good play from Surrey led to a lineout in our 10 metre which they executed perfectly and scored under our posts. This increased their lead to 14 with the conversion with 20 minutes left.

We started to string some phases together and the pressure started to create some spaces. Amelia made great use of the space using her pace and footwork to dot down in the corner to make it 14-5.

We were unfortunately unable to build any momentum and it went back to the cagey affair that the match we’d seen for the majority of the match.

A good effort from the girls but we lost a very well drilled side who were able to use the narrow pitch to their advantage better than we did.

14-5 win to Surrey

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