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Confidential Report Line

We want everyone that is involved with Rugby  to enjoy every moment and make memories.

No-one should have to put up with any negativity within the Rugby landscape.

 At Bucks RFU, we have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to;

·         Bullying

·         Racism

·         Harassment

·         Homophobic behaviour

·         Sexism

·         Safeguarding/welfare issues

If you experience or see any of the above happening within Rugby in  Buckinghamshire, we want you to be able to report it in a confidential manner and feel assured that it will be investigated and dealt with in the most appropriate manner.


We will seek to ensure that all complaints are:

·         listened to and investigated where appropriate

·         dealt with in a consistent manner

·         acknowledged (when agreed) and recorded

·          Offer support were needed/requested

·         learned from and used to Improve our rugby environment for everybody



By calling 0800 211 8129 


This is a voicemail system, where you can leave us a message detailing your concerns.


You can either leave your contact details as part of your message (Email/Contact number), or you can remain anonymous should you so wish. The choice is yours.

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