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Bucks Clubs Conference

A successful weekend

The Bucks RFU would like to thank all of the attendees of the Bucks Club Conference.

We all believe that it's really important for all of us to engage with each other for the sake of the sport we all love.

It was really interesting and there was loads of great information shared but the real work will be off the back of this conference. We all need to put in a sustained efforts to see all of the great ideas put into practice.

It was fantastic to see all our Chairs together with a +1 from their clubs. Nearly 50 people in the same room all working out how to make ALL our clubs future proof.

Lots of common themes running throughout the 2 days.

New friends made, old acquaintances rekindled.

Again, thank you all for giving up your time and being such positive people within our sport.

We have a huge amount of feedback and data to organise and get out there.

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