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Bucks U17 Vs Berkshire - Match Report

It was decided to split the game into four 15-minute quarters. This was to facilitate water breaks and the adjustment pf player and playing position as this was out first game of the program,

Captain = Aryan Dass

Quarter One:

Buck’s came out of the blocks with all guns blazing and outplayed Berkshire in many aspects of the game. This was particularly pleasing for the coaching team, as we have only had two training seasons to put our systems together and get the team working as a unit. We scored 12 unanswered points in the first 15 minutes period with some great support play and forward dominance.

James Thomas Try (5 points) Edward Batchelor Try (5 points) Joshua Caudren Conversion (2 Points)

First Quarter Score Berkshire = 0 Buckinghamshire = 12

Quarter Two:

The second swung the other way with a large period of this quarter dominated by Berkshire and they played some very good rugby. We were having problems with our penalty count which was putting even more pressure on us. We then had a yellow card given against us, we think the boys did very well to steady the ship toward the end of this quarter.

Second Quarter Score Berkshire = 14 Buckinghamshire = 0

Quarter three:

This quarter turned into an old-fashioned war of attrition with some very good end to end rugby played by both teams. The defence on both sides had improved which was putting more pressure on both teams’ attack. Buckinghamshire were playing more systems rather that individual attacking by Berkshire, but the defensives were dominating

Edward Batchelor Try (5 points) Joshua Caudren Conversion (2 Points)

Third Quarter Score Berkshire = 7 Buckinghamshire = 7

Quarter four:

Both teams by now had the measure of each other, so the game settled into an attack and defence rhythm with more kicking to relieve attacking pressure creeping into the game. There was some very committed tackling from both sides. Toward the end of the quarter Buckinghamshire started to exert some field position dominance, which resulted with us camped in there 22 which inevitably ended in a penalty to Buckinghamshire, in the last minute of the game. The captain decided on a penalty kick rather than a scrum and with the last kick of the game we scored.

Henry Pearson Conversion (2 Points) fourth Quarter Score Berkshire = 0 Buckinghamshire = 3

Final Score Berkshire = 21 vs Buckinghamshire = 22

Man of the match has been awarded to two players:

Aryan Dass for his great leadership both on the pitch and in the Lineout.

Henry Pearson for outstanding play and being a right pest to Berkshire.

The entire coaching team felt the players did a fantastic job in the game against a very well-practised team on their second game of the 2022 programme. There are lots of improvements to make, but a great performance; they also seem to be bonding very well as a team.

Many thanks to the physio for all her support on the day.

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