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Senior County Matches

It is that time of the year!!

County Senior matches are happening throughout May.

Unfortunately, Gloucestershire have pulled out of the County matches for the women, so our women just have two matches -

15 May 2022 vs Kent @ Aylesbury RFC - 2:30pm 21 May 2022 vs Sussex @ Crowborough RFC - 1pm

The men have the full three matches -

7 May 2022 vs North Midlands @ Aylesbury RFC - 2pm 14 May 2022 vs Oxfordshire @ Henley RFC - 3pm 21 May 2022 vs Notts, Lincs & Derbys @ Beaconsfield RFC - 2:30pm

All of the matches are free to spectators so please come along and support our players.

See you all there.

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