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County Rugby

The men's squad for tomorrow has been announced. Looking strong ?️

Congratulations to everyone involved and all the best for tomorrow. It should be a great match.

Travelling support would be welcomed.

  1. Matt Lester (Buckingham)

  2. Alex Marks (Beaconsfield)

  3. Jack Perkins (Milton Keynes)

  4. Owen Golding (Aylesbury)

  5. Gareth Wehrle (Chesham)

  6. Rhys Amos (Beacosnfield)

  7. Will Maddox (Beaconsfield)

  8. Kaz Olayinka (Aylesbury)

  9. Aled Lewis (Beaconsfield)

  10. Alex Shearer (Aylesbury)

  11. Louis Bounds (Towcestrians)

  12. Adam Hopkins (Beaconsfield)

  13. Callum Liles (Chesham)

  14. Nathan Merridan (Milton Keynes)

  15. Will Andrews (Aylesbury)

Subs 16. Callum McNally (Milton Keynes) 17. Jorge Gomez (Amersham & Chiltern) 18. Mike Phillips (Aylesbury) 19. Barney Gucklehorn (Beaconsfield) 20. Alex Spring (Beaconsfield) 21. Joe Fitzgerald (Milton Keynes) 22. George Phillips (Beaconsfield)

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