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Women's Squad Announcement

Just a few days to wait.

The women's squad to face Gloucestershire has been announced.

That is a very strong looking squad.

Good luck to everyone involved. We look forward to watching a great match.

Another exciting weekend of county rugby.

  1. Tiwah Adjei-Ansere (Buckingham)

  2. Becci Andrews (Chesham)

  3. Amy Kaley (Chesham)

  4. Emma Leek (Chesham)

  5. Lauren Alouini (Buckingham)

  6. Danielle Grammenos (Chesham)

  7. Nikitta Wherle (Chesham)

  8. Chlöe Allcorn (OA Saints)

  9. Nicky Gross (Buckingham)

  10. Rachael Taylor (OA Saints)

  11. Shaniah Herelle (Buckingham)

  12. Heather Barnes (Buckingham)

  13. Caroline Collie (OA Saints)

  14. Amelia Surridge (Buckingham)

  15. Lauren Head (OA Saints)


16. Becky Bristow (OA Saints) 17. Katie CLark (Buckingham 18. Abbie Cockton (Aylesbury) 19. Charlie Stearn (OA Saints) 20. Sian Mills (Buckingham) 21. Amy Lee (Buckingham) 22. Ellen McAleavey (Buckingham)


  • Rocky Clark

  • Sarah McKenna

  • Mikey Clark

  • Nick Jones

  • Ronnie Speakman

Manager Vicky Boorman

Physio Aisling Ni Bhrolchain

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