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2 Bucks Refs officiating at the Dubai 7s

Bucks RFU Refs

Holly Woods and Rebecca Rees, who are both part of the Bucks Referess Sciety are in Dubai for the Dubai 7s..

Holly played professional rugby for Harlequins and Toulouse before injury forced her to retire. Holly then took up the whistle in 2020 and a year later moved to Bucks when she joined the Buckinghamshire Referee Society. In the 2021/22 season, Holly began officiating level 5 men’s and women’s premiership rugby.

Rebecca is on secondment for 2 years and has joined Bucks. Rebecca is a level 6 referee.

Well done to both. We're sure you'll both smash it.

If anyone in Buckinghamshire is interested in giving refereeing a go, get in touch with the Bucks Referees Society -

Become a Bucks Ref nd get involved.

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