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3 ex Bucks County Colts playing together in Championship side

A good news story.

Three lads that were selected for our county programme back in 2013 were all playing together in the same Championship side , London Scottish, at the weekend against Caldy.

Two of the players, Will Simonds and Cam Anderson have come through the Wasps Academy route, but Silas Pill has succeeded without the academy system.

All three of the lads played for Bucks at U14 level, with Cam and Silas playing all the way through to Bucks Colts.

The players were spotted on the fixture list by one of their former coaches at Bucks, Mike Perera. He informed his fellow coaches in that age group at the time, Paul Britton and Andy Saunders.

The coaches intend to make a day of it later in the season and catch up with the ex Bucks players......nothing better than seeing players that you have coached still playing at the highest level.

Well done to Silas, Cam and Will. Your coaches would like to think that Bucks County rugby played a small part in your journey.

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