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Applications now open

The Honda Volunteer of the Year Awards 2024 will recognise and celebrate volunteers across rugby for their achievements over the past 12 months.

To recognise the contribution that volunteers have made to both their rugby clubs and the wider community, this year’s national awards programme will focus on four categories:

  • Unsung Hero

  • Game for All

  • Connecting the Community

  • Game Changer

Nominations can be submitted for either an individual or group of volunteers within a club who have gone above and beyond over the course of the past 12 months.

Nominations will close on Friday 16th February at 17:00.

All nominees will be recognised at a local level, with regional and national winners selected by an awards panel.

Unsung Hero

A volunteer or group of volunteers who have gone above and beyond to provide positive experiences.

The nominee has:

  • Undertaken several key tasks to support the club, often ‘behind the scenes’.

  • Been proactive and is always willing to lend a hand to support the club.

  • A positive attitude to developing themselves and their club.

  • Shown a willingness to go above and beyond for the sake of the club and its members.

Game for All

A volunteer or group of volunteers who have developed an inspiring offer to open the game up to new and under-represented audiences and make the game more inclusive and accessible for all.

The nominee has:

  • Used creativity to increase participation in rugby from all members of the community, with a specific focus on under-represented groups (this could include but is not limited to gender, ethnicity, disabled people, lower socio-economic groups or LGBTQ+).

  • Thought outside the box to remove barriers to make rugby inclusive and accessible.

  • Provided a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive environment.

  • Addressed and increased diversity in the game leadership of rugby through recruitment, retention and support for volunteers from diverse communities.

Connecting the Community

A volunteer or group of volunteers who have gone out of their way to embed their club/organisation at the heart of their community. They have strengthened their offer within the local community and have used the power of rugby to bring their community together.

The nominee has:

  • Helped the club to have strong presence in the community and actively participated in community events.

  • Provided opportunities for people within the community to engage with the club on or off field (e.g., fireworks, comedy evenings, community open day, beer festival).

  • Brought the community together e.g., supporting local charities and initiatives or fundraising.

  • Ensured that they provide a welcoming environment to all members of the community e.g., providing use of facilities for local organisations to use.

Game Changer

A volunteer or group of volunteers who have tried new ways of doing things to improve their club, demonstrating an open mind and willingness to adapt and learn to ensure their club/organisation is fit for the future.

The nominee has:

  • Put new ideas into practice e.g., Friday night lights, adopting Game On, collaborating with other clubs.

  • Implemented new processes or systems to help the club operate as efficiently as possible e.g., introducing a new membership system or using sustainable energy.

  • Thought outside of the box and challenged the norm to enhance experiences at the club/organisation.

  • Continuously learnt and looked at how they can add value to the club/organisation.

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