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Referees Wanted

Get involved

There is a shortage of Rugby referees across the country and Buckinghamshire is no different.

Societies are struggling to cover lots of fixtures on a Saturday and Sunday, so I'm approaching you to help us recruit more refs into the game. It can be a flexible arrangement alongside playing/coaching/teaching with referees able to set their own availability and travel time preferences. For example, if you can only do 1 game a month and only want to travel up to 30 mins from your house, or even just at your own club, that is perfectly fine, and will still go a long way to helping the game!!

Mixing refereeing with playing/coaching/teaching is also a great way to see the game from a different perspective and can really help with personal development. Not to mention the fact that you're really helping players in the game by facilitating their match. Games can't happen without a ref!

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in refereeing, you should look at completing the England Rugby Refereeing Award.

The format of the course has recently changed, so face-to-face day 1 includes the safety elements of refereeing with all the basics to get you started. After day 1, you are actively encouraged to get out and referee games, your local referee society can help you with this, as well as supporting your development. Following day 1 there will be 4 online learning sessions (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) where you will be introduced to further learning topics as well as discussing your experiences from your practical refereeing. Then you will bring it all together at the end of the season for the 2nd face-to-face day where you will do the final sign-off. This new format gives new referees even more support, as well as the opportunity to learn alongside gaining practical experience out in the field officiating matches during the season. - This is the website for the Buckingshamshire Referee Society. and - These websites both have lots of information about getting invlved with some great resources and webinars. - This is where you can find what courses are available near you.

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