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RFU Consultation/Information Forum on proposed changes to tackle height

Nominations are requested from across the game

Please find below an extract from a mail received from RFU President Nigel Gillingham, which explains the Consultation/Information Forum process being set up to discuss the Tackle Height changes that will happen within the community game.

As a county we have been asked to provide 40 nominees from all facets of the game in Buckinghamshire, and so with this in mind I would like to ask you for nominees from your club who would be interested in being part of this process.

We also invite individual nominations from across the game to ensure as many views and voices are included in the forum.

Please forward to the below details to Neale Baker, by Monday 27th February 2023 so that I can compile our list and pass it on to the RFU.

1. Club 2. Name of Nominee 3. Email Address of Nominee 4. Position of Nominee in your Club 5. GDPR – Your permission to share your information with the RFU (Yes /No)

Message from Nigel Gillingham, RFU President to County

“Over the course of the next few weeks, the RFU will be launching a series of initiatives to listen to and learn from people across the game. Central to these will be a series of consultation forums throughout the country. These will provide an opportunity for many people involved with the community game to discuss with RFU leadership what the law changes mean for them, as well as why they are happening and what needs to be factored in to make them a success.

But they will only work if they can reach a broad and representative cross-section of people. Given your important local knowledge of the community game, we are hoping you can provide recommendations as to who these people should be in your area. Ideally, we are looking for you to nominate 40 people representatives across the senior men’s and women’s game and (where appropriate) the age grade game and including players, coaches, match officials, parents, teachers, club and CB volunteers, disciplinary officers, safeguarding and Rugby Safe officers.

The forums (a mix of face to face and virtual to optimise attendance) will be aiming to engage directly with over 1,000 people from across the game during the month of March.

Alongside the forums, there will be an open survey, giving everyone the chance to have their say, as well as a series of online focus groups.”

From the nominations received we will produce our 40 nominees for the initial stage of this “consultation” process.

As can be seen in the message from Mr Gillingham to County, we have no details as to what will be discussed and indeed any dates that this might take place, or even in what format it will occur. You will also note the tight deadlines that have been placed on us!

We as a County executive, will be seeking further clarifications around those four specific areas and should we receive a reply, will of course pass that information on.

As a County, we can assure you all that we will support all our clubs, players, officials and members in ensuring that their views (ever how late they are sought) are heard by those that make decisions.

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