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Why become a ref?

Refs wanted

There is a shortage of referees in most of the country and societies are struggling to cover lots of fixtures on a Saturday and Sunday as well as mid-week. With this in mind, we are encouraging all qualified refs to get back out on the pitch!

It can be a flexible arrangement alongside playing/coaching/teaching, with referees able to set their own availability and travel time preferences.

Listen to Luke Pearce & Matthew Carley talk about why they get such a buzz from Ref’ing and what it means to them.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in completing the England Rugby Refereeing Award, we have courses happening across the country right now and throughout November. Check out the full list of courses here.

Our new format gives new referees even more support, as well as the opportunity to learn alongside gaining practical experience on the field while officiating matches during the season.

If you already have a qualification but want a little bit of help to blow some of the cobwebs off, check out the Refereeing Kitbag which includes resources to give you confidence to get back out in the middle.

Any questions? Contact the Bucks Referees for more info -

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